The Carolingian Guild of
Musicians and Jongleurs

General Information for Members

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The Waytes practice on Monday evenings from 7:30 to 9 PM.

As of this writing, the Quire does not meet on a regular schedule.

Schedule changes will be announced in advance to the Guild.


The Guild maintains its own online mailing list for internal matters, such as making arrangements to attend events that we will be performing at, or checking the interest level for a Guild or period-music related activity. This is a low-traffic list, not intended to be used for extensive chatting. Folk interested in being added to the mailing list are usually expected to first attend at least one rehearsal of the Waytes or Quire, although exceptions can be made for suitably good cause. Apply to the Waytes Captain or the Quire Manager to be added to the mailing list.


The Jongleurs' Guild is one of the oldest guilds in Carolingia, and is the only true guild mentioned in the original baronial charter. Our organizational history is explained here.


Occasionally we find it useful to have versions of the music we will be performing accessible online. These can include lyrics, scores, and audible versions. They live here.

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