What You Should Know About Requesting a Quire Performance at Your Event

First, and most important, we like the prospect of performing at events. The goal of the Quire is to sing period music; research and practice are good in themselves, but it is by performing at events that we can share our music with the Barony.

That being said, please don't make unwarranted assumptions. To put together a performance, we have to find a volunteer to direct the group for your proposed gig, and do a certain amount of practice of the songs involved; also, we must not have serious conflicts with our other commitments. We'll make a commitment to your event -- once we know we won't let you down. In particular, requesting a performance from us sooner -- rather than later -- before your event makes it easier for us to make it happen.

The fun part is music selection. We've got a lot of music, from various times in history, in different languages, musical forms, and styles, using different voice ranges, of varying degrees of difficulty, etc. etc. Some of these we've glanced at briefly, some we practice regularly even if we're not planning to perform them soon. Also, we're happy to learn new pieces. That means there are quite a few possible songs to choose from. You may have some ideas about what you'd like to have us sing, even if you've never thought about it specifically. You can look through our master list of songs here if you have something specific in mind and want to see whether we have the music.

Any information you can provide that would help influence the choice of what to sing will be helpful. For example, at various times we've encountered criteria like the following:

Still unsure? You want singing, but have no ideas what kind of songs? Tell us about the event you're planning, and we'll be glad to choose suitable songs.

That's all you need to know. If you'd like the Quire to perform at your event, here's how to ask.

Questions, comments and corrections are welcome. Contact the Webmaster.
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