Waytes: Gig Log AS XXXI (May AD 1996 - April AD 1997)

I'm reconstructing this as best I can. If you can fill in details, let me know. Meanwhile, I'll try to extrapolate from my memory and all that email which I never delete and which people tell me will never be useful for anything ha!

Happy Birthday Shakespeare/Tempest -- April 19

Played for dancing in evening. More importantly, publically acknowledged the end of studentship of the Recorder School Students -- Alienor, Isolde and Gabrielle -- in court, and presented them w/ their livery fabric.

Actual dancing went rather poorly, as I recall, due to scheduling problems.

EKU -- Jan 25

Played for dancing after dinner. Accoustic and scheduling problems.

Falling Leaves -- Oct 26

I know we were there, if only because we haven't missed one in +7 years. :)

Wellesley Library Demo/Regis Demo -- Oct 19

Several of us did a demo for a children's Ren Faire at Wellesley Library, while at least one of us went to the Regis College demo, which were scheduled in conflict.

Pennsic, Polyphonic Challenge

We won, somewhat ironically. There was almost no competition, and I still think the piece got the better of us. Piece is far-out Ars Subtillior, and I still can't find a way to like it.

Performers: Godith, Aurylia, Tibicen, Arianhwyvar?

Piece: L'Arpe de Melodie, by Senelesches(sp?)

Northern Region Fencing -- May 11

While I don't recall if we did dance in the evening at all, I do remember that we played for any who would dance to stall for a late feast. Not many people took us up on it.

-- Tibicen

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