Waytes of Carolingia Gig Log
May AD 1997 - April AD 1998

Festival of Northern Lights -- April 18th
Ivory Keep University and Bouncing Ball -- March 28th
Black Rose Ball -- February 28th
The 20th annual installment of the biggest dance event on the east coast.
Revels at the Inns of Court -- Jan 24th
A period English ball/revel.
Christ Church Faire -- Dec 6th
A mundane gig, for honorarium; mixed vocal and instrumental performances.
(Music & Dance Collegium, Myrkfaellyn -- Nov 8)
Not a gig, but a bunch of us road-tripped out there: Gabrielle, Godith, Udalrich, and Tibicen from the Waytes, plus Diego, Ayden, Mara, Bess and Pryderi who went to dance.
Falling Leaves -- Oct 12
About 8 musicians on the bandstand.
Legends of Chivalry II -- Sept 15
Sixteen musicians on the bandstand
Pennsic, Polyphonic Challenge
Didn't win. :)
Baronial Champions Tourney -- June 7th
About 10 people on band stand, including but not limited to: Aurylia, Godith, Tibicen, Gabrielle, Allyson, John d'C, Harald (based on my recollection that Aurylia and Godith came flying in from the medieval harp class across the state, and Gabrielle and I were at something else early music and mundane (BEFME?), and Allyson, John d'c, Gwendolyn and I sight read vocal stuff for a while.)
Revel at the Known World Arts and Sciences Collegium -- May 17
The Revel was, um, this multi-art performance/party for Countess Mara's birthday. Thirty-three performances/participatory art things in 2 1/2 hours. Just shy of half of the things were dancing "for all who will", for which the Waytes played or the Quire sung.
May Day, Fenmere -- May 4
-- Tibicen

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