Waytes of Carolingia Gig Log
AS XXXIII / May AD 1998 - April AD 1999

Coronation: April 10
Northern Lights, Malagentia -- March 20th
Black Rose Ball, Ramskeep (Bridge) -- February 13th
Christmas in Carolingia: Mistletoe Ball -- December 19th
Harald's Dance Series -- Dec 22th
Quintavian Shire Yule -- Dec 6th
Harald's Dance Series -- Nov 24th
Harald started a period dance series for the public, held at Old Cambridge Baptist Church. This was the first one, and it was well attended.
Coronation/Falling Leaves -- Oct 3rd
Legends of Chivalry/Moonlight Ball -- Sep 12th
Pennsic -- Aug 9th to 14th
Queen's Tea -- Sunday Aug 9
Desyre and Disdain
Caroso Ball
-- Tibicen

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