The Library of the Carolingian Quire

This online catalog lists all of the music held by the Quire as of May 2001. It is maintained by the Librarian. The library can be searched by looking at the following lists:

Ask the Librarian to bring copies of specific music to rehearsal.

Clicking on a song title in any list other than the Master List will take you to the song's full information in the Master List.

Clicking on any part of an entry in the Master List other than the lyrics will take you to the relevant place in the secondary lists. For example: if while looking at the Master List, you were to click on "Moderne" -- the composer of "A la Venue de Noel" -- you would be taken to the list of songs sorted by composers, at the place where Moderne's entry begins.

In addition to sheet music, the Librarian has books which are owned by the Guild and held by the Quire. They are:

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