Officers of the Carolingian Quire

As of October 2000, the Quire ceased having a single Managing Director who did nearly all the administrative work for the group. The Managing Director's responsibilities were instead distributed among several officers: the Manager, the Librarian, the Chamberlain, and the Directors. The holders of these offices are allowed to appoint such deputies (or Assistant Directors in the case of Directors) as they see fit.

The Manager of the Quire is, generally speaking, responsible for the Quire's administration, except for the duties assigned to the Librarian and the Chamberlain. The current Manager of the Quire is Orlando dei Medici . The Manager handles the following functions:

Liaison to the Barony

Coordinator of Quire Activites Secretary

The Librarian stores and manages all materials held collectively by the Quire. He is responsible for acquiring all Quire materials where this does not involved research or creative effort, for modifying the format of Quire materials as required (e.g., rearranging sheet music so multiple songs fit on one page), and for distributing Quire materials as required. He maintains the Quire's web pages, and keeps the Quire's accounts. The current Librarian of the Quire is Orlando dei Medici.

The Chamberlain is responsible for the rehearsal spaces of the Quire. This includes scouting rooms for the Quire when necessary, reserving rooms for rehearsal, and maintaining the room reservation receipts. The Chamberlain is responsible for promulgating directions to new rehearsal spaces to the Quire, and for putting up signs indicates the route to the new room when it changes. At this point, there is no Chamberlain, so the Manager is handling the Chamberlain's duties.

A Director is the musical and artistic leader of a Quire project. The tenure of a director is defined by his or her project: a director may direct a specific gig, or may volunteer for an ongoing directorial project (e.g., standard repertoire, running warmups, etc.) The Directors leading current projects are:

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