The Waytes of Carolingia

The Waytes of Carolingia, at the Knowne World Ball, KWDS III The Waytes playing the Knowne World Ball at Known World Dance Symposium III (June 2001)
Left to right: Tibicen, Gabrielle, Gisele, Isolde, Udalrich, Rosa, Laenus, Alison, Lilias, Godith.
Picture by Guillaume de Gonzac/Keith McClune

The Waytes of Carolingia are the municipal Renaissance dance-band for the Barony of Carolingia, and the major instrumental subsection of the Carolingian Guild of Musicians and Jongleurs. In accord with our purpose as part of a Carolingian guild, we bring music to SCA events. Primarily, we play for dancing, but we also occasionally do other projects, such as competing the Polyphonic Challenge at Pennsic (we've won the instrumental category twice). We also occasionally do professional gigs outside of the SCA as fundraisers for the guild.

-- Lady Ysabel da Costa, Captain of the Waytes of Carolingia

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